San Diego REPertory Theatre

It has been a pleasure to have our Opening Night dinners at Spike Africa’s this year. We are new to their restaurant, but they have treated us like longtime friends and never fail to please our guests with their food and attentiveness. Our Opening Nights are a special event for our organization as it is in opportunity to celebrate not only an amazing production but also show our gratitude for the overwhelming support from community supporters. The preparation and organizing of the events from Evi, the Catering and Events Coordinator/Manager, is always helpful. Evi has an amazing attention to detail and dedication that she brings to each of our Opening Nights and whenever an issue arises she is quick to respond and find the best solution.

In the kitchen Chef Kevin excels at satisfying our guests with a mouthwatering array of appetizers that includes chips and guacamole and seafood based entrees that are made with delicate care and innovation. By the end of the meal all of our guests seem to simultaneously applaud the food. Chef Kevin never fails.

Our experience with Spike Africa’s has been a treasure and we look forward to more seasons of partnership. We recommend this amazing restaurant to anyone that wants the very best in catered events!